HORTLITE GL04 Wholesale Indoor Commercial High PPFD Lamp Hydroponics Plants Led Grow Light For Indoor Farming

Model #: MGL01 Exact Power: 650/750W PPF: 1690/1950μmol/s PPE:2.6μmol/J Input Volt: AC120-277V Dimensions: 42.8in x 3.6in x 3.6in Weight: 12kg Certificate: ETL / DLC / CE / FCC / ISO Dimmable Option: 0-10VDimming/ RJ Dimming Warranty: 5 years IP Rating: IP 65

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HORTLITE GROUP continues to innovate and improve lighting, even in specific areas such as gardening. By choosing a new high-efficiency LED planting light solution for professional greenhouses or indoor vertical farms, many advantages are gained, including optimized consumption, reduced maintenance costs and no high temperatures generated by traditional lamps HPS. In fact, energy consumption is one of the major expenses of garden greenhouses owners. Choose a high energy saving LED growth lamp solution to give your savings an immediate and quick return on investment.Plants use light for photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants and other organisms convert light energy into chemical energy. Photomorphogenesis refers to how plants change their growth in response to the spectrum. 3000K + 6500K + Red LED total up to 2220pcs, and an impressive efficacy of 2.9 µmol/s per watt. HORTLITE‘s engineers achieved a realistic PPF: 2175μmol/s with the perfect ratio.Download and install the LED grow light control app in your phone, you can simply control all with your finger sliding through your phone screen, you can also control and adjusting by the light side switch. Control all in your phone with this easier and smarter system. As cost-efficient commercial LED grow lights, this grow light is dimmable and supports daisy chain max up to 100 lights.Energy savingFast return on investment. Energy expenditure is one of the important items in greenhouse and horticulture. Replacing HPS lighting with modern LED growth lamp technology can reduce costs by up to 70% and provide a quick return on investment. In addition, based on the customer's individual needs, we will evaluate existing installations and provide instructions on how to optimize the lighting solution using LED growth lamp solutions.Long lifespanEven in extreme conditions. LED lamps last eight times longer than traditional HPS lamps. This means greater reliability and no maintenance, such as regular lamp changes. In addition, greenhouses and vertical farms specialize in growing lighting products that are specifically designed for the harsh working conditions of production greenhouses: perfect resistance to humidity, temperature fluctuations and dust.Fast return on investment.Eliminate the problem of heat. One of the main problems with traditional HPS or fluorescent greenhouse lights is that they generate a lot of heat. The LED growth lamps themselves have very low heat emissions at the light source, so the LED growth lamps do not change the climate of the greenhouse and can be placed very close to the plants without the risk of overheating.

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