HORTLITE GL01 640W Horticultural Grow Light Us Stock Growing Led Light For Greenhouse

Model #: MGL01 Exact Power: 650/750W PPF: 1690/1950μmol/s PPE:2.6μmol/J Input Volt: AC120-277V Dimensions: 42.8in x 3.6in x 3.6in Weight: 12kg Certificate: ETL / DLC / CE / FCC / ISO Dimmable Option: 0-10V Dimming/ RJ Dimming Warranty: 5 years IP Rating: IP 65

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HORTLITE LED grow lights for greenhouse helps growers take control of the seasons. The small footprint of HORTLITE 's fixtures, aid in plant growth without interfering with the sun's natural lighting. The driver can be attached to the fixture vertically or horizontally, and can be remote mounted to make best use of the space available. Photometric performance is increased by providing more reflective surface area and a more intense uniformity to improve yields and quality.The right partner will work with you to create LED growing light solutions that achieve the best light quality, energy saving and yield.  Working with a trusted partner (HORTLITE), he can create the right formula for your environment, and he has the latest technology and science at his fingertips ready to help you increase production.  LED planting lighting can help you achieve return on investment (ROI) and help you plant more for less. Download and install the LED grow light control app in your phone, you can simply control all with your finger sliding through your phone screen, you can also control and adjusting by the light side switch. Control all in your phone with this easier and smarter system. As cost-efficient commercial LED grow lights, this grow light is dimmable and supports daisy chain max up to 100 lights.Faster growth with HORTLITE LED grow lightsControlled lighting with LED grow lighti sources allows you to accelerate the photosynthesis of plants Greenhouse lamps have always been used to stimulate plant growth, but with modern Grow Light technology, it is possible to act in a more effective and targeted way on the photosynthesis process. The LED Grow Light sources in fact produce a light spectrum with frequencies dedicated to the stimulation of photosynthesis, which allows to further stimulate the growth of plants in the greenhouse, speeding up production and harvest even in times of the year when solar radiation was not enough.A choice that is good for the environmentLighting greenhouses with LED grow lights lamps saves a lot of energy. The energy-saving of lighting for greenhouses with LED grow lights fixtures is considerable and pays off the initial investment in a short time. Thanks to the very high energy efficiency, it is possible to choose to power the LED grow light lamps exclusively through photovoltaic systems to obtain maximum respect for the environment and maximum savings on greenhouse management costs. A choice that is doubly good for the environment.

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