HORTLITE GL04B 640W 6 Bars Horticulture Grow Light Us Stock Growing Led Light For Plant Growth

Model #: MGL04B Exact Power: 640W PPF: 1856μmol/s PPE:2.9μmol/J Input Volt: AC120-277V Dimensions: 45.3in x 43.5in x 3in Weight: 14kg Certificate: ETL / DLC / CE / FCC / ISO Dimmable Option: 0-10V Dimming/ RJ Dimming Warranty: 5 years IP Rating: IP 65

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HORTLITE LED Grow Lights providing 5 x 5 ft for both vegetative and flower, our Fold 8 LED grow light for indoor plants supports all stages of plants' growing lifecycle, whether used in a tent for personal growers or chained together with up to 100 pcs fixtures in a large commercial operation. Efficient growth of 2.9 μmol/J, up to 640 WATTS of power consumption, improved growth efficiency. Can be used to replace 850W HPS lamp, resulting in significant energy efficiency savings. Our latest LED grow lights for indoor plants suit many kinds of growing operations. If you're looking for full-spectrum LED lights to use indoors or for commercial growing, this is one of the most cost-effective and efficient products on the market.The right partner will work with you to create LED growing light solutions that achieve the best light quality, energy saving and yield.  Working with a trusted partner (HORTLITE), he can create the right formula for your environment, and he has the latest technology and science at his fingertips ready to help you increase production.  LED planting lighting can help you achieve return on investment (ROI) and help you plant more for less. Heat Dissipation HORTLITE adopts high quality heat dissipation design (AL 6063) to increase heat dissipation. A very thin structure was designed to reduce the overall weight of the lamp by up to 40%, thus making it easier for growers to install. 180°Foldable Easy Installation The slim design grow light fixture is foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, and easy to install.Horticultural lighting is one of the hot spots of lighting application in recent years. It can not only replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, but also can be used on different color LEDS, as long as the necessary adjustments are made, can provide the wavelength required for each stage of plant growth. Horticultural lighting can be divided into top floor lighting and indoor lighting. Top lighting provides basic light for photosynthesis in ordinary plants, while interior lighting provides additional light for accelerating fruit growth.SOSEN always contributes to the global LED lighting industry with technological innovation. According to customer requirements, the company has launched 650VP/730VP dedicated LED driver, with multiple parallel dimming functions, centralized intelligent control and management functions, compatible with a variety of dimming control functions (intelligent networking control, independent single lamp control, part of multiple parallel control, etc.), for plant growth lighting.

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